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Text And Email Alerts Welcomed By Older Patients - British Psychological Society

Text And Email Alerts Welcomed By Older Patients - British Psychological Society

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Article Date: 25 Jul 2010 - 0:00 PDT

Text and email alerts could help older patients remember appointments and medication instructions, ultimately reducing NHS costs and potentially improving their own recovery.

This is one of the findings from post-graduate researcher, Lyndsay Hughes, from the University of Hertfordshire, who presented her research on Wednesday 21st July at the British Psychological Society's Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group conference at Sheffield Hallam University.

The study investigated ownership and use of email and mobile phone technologies in a sample of 112 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who were attending NHS clinics.

From this sample 73% of older patients had an email address and 93% owned a mobile phone. Those in the eldest category (over 65) also reported a high use of mobile phones with more than 63% stating they were "confident" at reading texts.

Almost half of those who had an email address or mobile phone said that they would like an email/text reminder for appointments. A quarter of patients who had access to these technologies said they would like an email/text medication reminder.

Lyndsay explained: "This shows that older patients with rheumatoid arthritis access emails and texts regularly and would like text or email reminders for appointments and medication use.

Even in the oldest age category of over 65's email and text reminders may be a useful means of increasing clinic attendance and medication adherence. As low attendance and adherence is associated with disease progression, these outcomes will not only improve patients health they could reduce NHS Costs."

For the full conference programme please visit the Psypag website.

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